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How To Build Muscle

 Build Muscle The Right Way

how to build muscle for the beginner bodybuilder

Are you looking for ways to build muscle? The secret to acquiring a muscular body is to get stronger, for the basic reason that the stronger you get, the more muscle you gain. Here are some tips on how to supplement a muscular physique to your frame.


Know the number of calories you require to grow bigger


This is also said to be the consuming of protein foods approach. Proteins are the building blocks of muscle, and the body needs them during the building process and after. You also need to know that your calorie needs depend on your gender, age, current weight and how active your lifestyle is. Therefore, by multiplying your current weight in pounds by 20, it will give you how many calories you require every day. The aim is to take in about one gram of protein per on pound of body weight on a daily basis. The quantity of food you eat daily shockingly turns out to be more. Here are some of the benefits of eating protein.

  • Eating protein regularly throughout the day helps you build muscles outside the gym.
  • Protein does not raise insulin levels as compared to carbohydrates.

Make eating a habit

Concentrate on making your meals a habit as this is the only way to gaining more weight. This means, if you have been used to having three meals a day, this may not be enough. Instead, adopt having 5-6 meals on a daily basis set 2-3 hours apart. As a result, the body is ensured relentless muscle building and metabolism. Drink lots of water as this will keep you hydrated since the substantial building, exercises make you sweat and lose a lot of water. Hydration is therefore crucial to stay active.

Build big muscle groups

These big muscle groups are the leg, back and the chest muscles. Training these muscle groups leads to a larger and faster muscle building process. These exercises should repeatedly be done at least once or twice per week.

Do compound workouts

arnie building muscle

Compound workouts are the likes of barbell rows, bench press, overhead press, deadlift and squats. These compound exercises help you achieve a more balanced frame when you combine the above-captioned workouts. The workouts are more stable and, therefore, burn fat as they work more than a few muscles at the same time. Here are some of the benefits of doing heavy compound exercises.

  • For muscle to grow, you don’t need to train it solidly and direct.
  • Doing barbell rows gives you larger biceps.
  • Doing bench presses provides you with a larger chest.
  • Doing overhead presses gives you broader shoulders.
  • Taking on the deadlift provides you with a bigger back.
  • Doing squats, gives you more prominent legs.

Frequently train your muscles

The reason for a frequent muscle workout is that the tissue grows more. Therefore, doing lifts progressively helps your muscles get used to it. Therefore, if you add another pound or more, the muscles will grow gradually. The greater the load you can lift shows superior muscle growth.

Change your bodybuilding routine

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Spread your workout routine. This means if you are doing heavy exercise routines 2-3 days a week, spread them out to 4-6 days a week of lighter activities but for a longer period. If maybe you do back muscle exercises on weekends and biceps and triceps on weekdays; you can ideally interchange the workout days to suit your body to build more muscle.

Take a break

To help build muscle, you technically require rest. The muscles tend to grow when you take a break than when you train them. After a heavy workout, muscles need a recovery period that will serve as the growth period. The rest period will motivate you and prevent you from falling off the bandwagon or even quitting.

Incorporate supplements

When you are not getting enough nutritional portions from your diet, supplements are used as substitutes. The supplements cajole the nutrients required to build more muscle. Examples of these supplements are

  • Casein proteins: taking casein proteins prevents muscles from being converted to body fuel.
  • Whey protein powder; consuming whey protein powder improves body performance and aids in building big and lean muscles.
  • Creatine; this increases the flow of energy to the muscle fibers which allows you to lift heftier weights.

With this tips, we hope that the question of how to build muscle has been plainly reported. You can now initiate your muscle building experience.